About me

At the start of the first Corona pandemic lockdown in The Netherlands, I wasn’t allowed to go to work and was tasked to do courses at home. Some of those courses were work related (Visual Merchandising), but others I could freely pick. A few of the courses I could pick were related to following your passion, and doing what you like to do. At the beginning of 2020, I had some tattoo equipment at home, and had practiced on fake skin. During one of the many walks with my boyfriend, we talked about how I have always had this passion, but never really followed up with it. As it turns out, the lockdown was the best moment to start studying.

I set out to learn and practice more during the free time I had available, starting with searching for a coach. I asked a very kind tattoo artist I had met on a tattoo convention in our hometown of Groningen just a year before, and against my expectations she was thrilled to assist me more. Before I knew it, she had guided me towards putting my first tattoo on actual skin.

First tattoo

Since that moment, my tattooing has advanced more quickly than I could have ever imagined on that first walk together with my boyfriend. I find myself feeling very honoured with everyone who have trusted me to put art on their bodies.

At work

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